Who Should Be Vaccinated?

In principle, influenza vaccination can be administered to anyone who wants to be vaccinated and who does not have medical contraindications. However, some people are particularly at risk for influenza, and they are strongly recommended to get a flu shot. In these groups, the disease is more severe and the death rate is higher.

In adults, the risk groups identified in terms of influenza morbidity and mortality are:

  • Those over 65 years old,
  • Pregnant women,
  • Those staying in a nursing home,
  • Patients with chronic lung disease (such as asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis),
  • Patients with chronic heart disease,
  • Patients with chronic kidney disease,
  • Patients with chronic liver disease,
  • Patients with chronic blood disease (such as sickle cell anemia),
  • Patients with chronic endocrine / metabolic disease (such as diabetes),
  • Patients with neurological diseases (such as epilepsy or stroke),
  • Those with a weak immune system (such as cancer patients or long-term steroid users),
  • Morbidly obese people,
  • and those who care for people at risk for influenza (such as health workers and household of the aforementioned patients)

People belonging to these groups are particularly recommended to get a flu shot.

Istanbul Allergy Center

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