Do Asthmatics Benefit From The Flu Vaccine?

In asthma patients, influenza infection may be more severe.

The Flu Vaccine For Asthmatics

This is true even in patients with mild asthma or asthma controlled with drugs. Because, in asthmatic patients, when influenza infection is added to the already sensitive airways, inflammation increases. Flu infection in the lung can cause asthma attacks and worsen asthma-related symptoms such as shortness of breath and coughing. In asthmatic patients, the probability of developing flu-associated pneumonia (that is lung infection) is greater than in non-asthmatic people. When we look at the patients who need to be hospitalized due to influenza, it is seen that a significant number of patients have asthma. For these reasons, patients with asthma should be administered an inactivated influenza vaccine every year.

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