Are There Harmful Substances In The Flu Vaccine?

Inactivated influenza vaccines, which are administered by injection, have inactived virus to introduce the germ into the body and provide immunization.

Substances of The Flu Vaccine

The vaccine may also include some stabilizers to ensure the stability of the vaccine (such as sucrose, sorbitol or monosodium glutamate), antibiotics to prevent the vaccine from being contaminated with bacteria (such as neomycin or gentamicin), polysorbate 80 to preserve the distribution of the content, and different substances such as formaldehyde or octoxynol-10 to inactivate the virus, and aluminum or vitamin E to enhance the immune response provided by the vaccine. Although these supplements may be harmful at high doses, the levels they are used in vaccines are too low to be toxic to humans. Apart from this, egg proteins from hen’s eggs in which the vaccine is produced and antibiotic residues within the vaccine can cause allergic reactions in people having allergies to these substances.

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